Traveling with your Dog on a Leash Anywhere

If you are as attached to your dog as we “dog people” tend to be, you will probably want to take your canine companion everywhere you go. Here are some tips that will make walks more comfortable and rides in the car calmer:

Teach your dog to walk with you, not against you
Walking your dog is a great way for you both to bond and get some exercise in the process. Not all dogs are as willing to go along for the journey as others. It is easier to teach this to a puppy old dogs, new tricks that old story.

Dogs can run faster than people, which is why they pull the leash so hard sometimes. To avoid this you just need to redirect their attention to you and not where they want to go. The easiest way to do this is with rewards in the form of treats.

Do not rely on walks to be their primary form of exercise- playing with your dog in the garden at home or exploring hiking trails will help train them to be calmer on walks. Put your dogs on a leash in your house first so that they are in a familiar environment, and so that it is easier to grab their attention.

A capable and well-fit collar and dog leash is essential to a comfortable walk. Do not wait for pulling to occur before you correct it. Get your dog’s attention back on you, once they give you their attention; reward them.

A matching set is made to go together and will help to ensure a better fit.

How to safely travel with your dog in a vehicle
If you travel with you dogs in the car often, they will need a secure place to sit- and stay, while you drive. It is essential that they remain calm and seated as to not cause any potential danger to you while you drive.

For long trips such as from Cape Town to Gauteng, consider a helping hand in the form dog accessories. The Dog Traveller will make the voyage less stressful for the both of you.

Where ever you may go, they can come too! Anything you may need for a safer journey for you and your number one canine is worth its weight in gold.

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