Top Gifts for Holidays 2017

Time is so precious to us. With busy schedules and commitments it is important to find ” My Time ” and look forward to holidays and breaks throughout the year. Top gifts for holidays in 2017 will help you organise and plan and make time to fill your needs, to have fun and create those all important happy memories.


Travel Pouches


For easy and neat packing the T shirt, shoes and first aid pouches will keep your belongings from being a pile of need to iron again jumble, for hands on and straight off to the beach to put your feet up. Essential space saving zip up happy flight pouches to get more in and bring more home. Roll up t shirts neat and pack shoes separately to avoid spillage and a first aid pouch for your medications to save them getting lost.


Happy Luggage Tags


Identify suitcases in an instant with neon bright colouredtags .Don’t worry, be happy your luggage is tagged with the durable, reusable and waterproof Alfie designer tags, so you can relax and look forward to your holiday. A great gift for anyone and everyone planning holidays in 2017. Comes in several designs and sizes, round, square, petite and plug tags in all the colours of the rainbow


Travelogue Journal


The smart journal that is also a diary and planner, all sectioned out to budget and book you 2017 holiday. Plan them must see places like museums and monuments and write about your travels. Quality card folder keeps the journal safe along with any travel documents so all is at hand when you need it. The travelogue also comes with 8 original mini scratch maps to record your travel routes and experience. A choice of colours in classic navy blue or maroon red makes for a top looking gift and useful holiday companion.

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