The best places in Spain for a springtime escape

If you haven’t yet had the chance to enjoy the Easter holidays or you simply like to travel at less busy times of the year, then this article is for you: we present the 7 cities or places in Spain that are perfect for a great springtime escape, away from the traditional zones of mass tourism.

Madrid. In the Old Town of Madrid, you’ll discover a more traditional side of the city. Yes, it’s true that every year it becomes less authentic but there still remains zones that have not lost their charm and deserve to be enjoyed like in past times. An example is Las Letras neighbourhood, near to the Gran Via where you’ll discover places full of history and tradition like the Quevedo tavern that serves delicious tapas, without all the frills and flounces. Enjoy the more authentic establishments. The cava offered in La Latina is perfect for a springtime escape to Madrid. Snack and enjoy a vermouth in the sun and welcome summer in the liveliest part of Madrid. Both of these form the perfect plan for a weekend trip away with friends. Combine dinners and vermouth with lots of turnabouts round the emblematic city, taking great photos along the way. In terms of accommodation, opt for something close to the city centre so you don’t have to travel much. Hotels on the Gran Via offer reasonably-priced stays like the Petit Palace Cliper Gran Vía  as well as those located in the zones of Chueca, Malasaña, Plaza de España and Lavapiés. Any of these zones are perfect for a relaxing escape.

Majorca. Forget about Majorca in July and August. It’s impossible and you won’t get to see the true side of the island. The truly calmer time of year is in May and June when the Mediterranean Sea starts to get hotter, the beaches are havens for relaxation and the waters are crystal-clear, without them being laden with bottles of sunscreen and yachts like in summer. (Yes, Majorca offers much more than just beaches, beach bars and clubs). If want to stay on the island and are looking to spend a long weekend there, then Palma and the beach zones closeby to the capital are the best choice. Most of the hotels in Palma city centre are very expensive but if you avoid the Old Town you will find that accommodation prices become a lot more affordable. Palma is a city very easy to manage and very nice for beach days, enjoying a nice stroll or going on a bike ride in practically any neighbourhood.

Salamanca. Dining, culture and eternal nightlife. This was and still remains Salamanca; always. A destination that you shouldn’t miss out on during spring. This city is only 2 hours away from Madrid by car and offers more than just the normal cliché things to do. Just walking through its Old Town is enough to enjoy a pleasurable stay. Sunday mornings in the plaza Mayor square, picnics on the Tormes River, an afternoon full of shopping, a visit to the Calisto and Melibea gardens when the sun begins to show itself, the university, the cathedral and the Rúa. Everything in Salamanca looks like a fairytale story and the evenings are even more magical. Without a doubt the perfect place to go with friends. You should try to stay in the city centre as, even though the prices of most hotels are quite high; the quality makes them worth it.

Barcelona. The most cosmopolitan way to spend spring in the Mediterranean. Shop, visit the modern art museums and street expositions, see the hipsters and trendy people filling up the streets and terraces, appreciate the improvised events, enjoy the parks full of lights and games for the little ones and head to the trendiest bars and restaurants. The benefit of heading to this urban destination is that you can also turn it into a a sun & beach weekend trip given that Barcelona’s coast is one of the best places to disconnect and relax right on the seafront. The city centre is for the proper party animals: with an endless amount of festivals, gastronomic routes and art & vermouth sessions with perfect weekends for going out and dancing till sunbreak. Apolo and Razzmatazz are perfect for live music shows or enjoying gigs of the best well-known djs. In terms of accommodation, the centre and the surroundings are perfect for if you’re only going for a few days. Some hotels also offer special offers for spring like Petit Palace Barcelona which is in the zone of the Plaza de las Glorias square.

Granada. Granada and spring go together like horse and carriage. It’s one of the best places in Spain to treat yourself to a few days of laughs and good company. Enjoy the tapas, culture, history, rich heritage and the best people you could ever meet. In order to enjoy a few worry-free days, a good hotel is the best way to go about this. If going with friends, you could rent an entire house to fully appreciate the typical architecture of Granada. You could also stay in the city’s Old Town to fully immerse yourself in the authentic ambiance of Granada.

Bilbao. Enjoy the silver colour of its spectacular river reflecting the spring sun, the vermouth and tapas in its squares and its 7 main streets in the Old Town as well as the way the residents are always so happy and welcoming. Bilbao is one of the most magical places in the north to plan an escape with friends for 2 or 3 days. It’s the ideal place for eating and drinking but also for enthusiasts of authentic and traditional culture. Live music is also a great advantage as this city boasts one of the biggest music venues in Spain and, in summer, one of the best festivals in the industry; BBK Live. In terms of accommodation, Sercotel hotel is one of the best places to stay at in the city: for price, quality and service.

Seville. In the southern most tip of the mainland. The meeting point for lovers of the “true art” of tapas, beer, terraces, laughter and good music. Seville is majestic and rockabilly; it’s cultured and open to everything; it’s a place where you don’t have to be young to have a good time. Its people and traditions are the main reason why people enjoy coming here: no-one will let you get lost in Seville, the people are here to guide you and show you what their city offers, with nothing left behind. In exchange, all they ask for is a smile. Discover the capital of Andalusia without prejudice, launch yourself into the culture of Flamenco; smile and stroll around, admire the religious art and its buildings that commemorate a thousand and one civilisations; and enjoy the nights with the only limit being your imagination. If you’re looking for a place to stay then head to the Murillo gardens where, in the entrance of the Old Town, you’ll find the Murillo hotel. And if you head towards the emblematic neighbourhood of Santa Cruz, next to the cathedral, you’ll find the Petit Palace Santa Cruz hotel.

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