Publisuites Petit Corpo Madrid on a weekend

Madrid and specifically Madrid city centre is one of the most recommended destinations in which to enjoy a short break of one or two days with ease, at a good price and with accommodation options that are worth it and tick all the boxes. Although it is a city in which one can stay for a whole month and still have something different to do, the truth is that the most important things can be squeezed into a single weekend.

 A couples getaway to Madrid, for example, should include visits to places as symbolic and romantic as the Retiro Park. Navigating its large central pond in the small row boats is one of the most popular activities: tourists from all over the world go crazy to do one of the boat tours, especially in the evenings. In addition to the beautiful boating lake, the park also offers idyllic scenery in which to enjoy a picnic or aperitif under the shade of the trees, the contemporary art exhibits and photography exhibitions in its beautiful Crystal Palace which is strategically located as the starting point of the key cultural route in Madrid, starting with the Museo del Prado.

 It is advisable to go to the Museum as early as possible in order to enjoy it calmly and without the crowds of tourists that inevitably form at its doorsteps since it is one of the most special and important museums in the world. It has a nice cafeteria and rooms in which to relax between exhibitions but the best idea is not to rush around and see everything in one go. Better to choose certain artistic eras and focus on enjoying them, leaving the rest for future visits. Leaving the Prado one can choose to continue to tour the museums, going through the Caixaforum and then to the Sofia. But if you have tired of art, take advantage of the fact that you are next to the Barrio de las Letras and this is where you will find the most authentic taverns in Madrid city centre.

 Savour Madrid with its tapas and beers, amidst the bustle of its faithful regular customers, who often cram themselves along the bar so much that people end up having to move out into the street. If this is the life for you then do not forget to stop by the low and high cellars on Saturday or Sunday morning: locals (and the not so local) meet in these streets near the Plaza Mayor, in the heart of Latina, to Meet friends and enjoy vermouth. It usually lasts all day, from 12 in the morning. Many consider it a different way of going out, less nocturnal and more food orientated.

 The nights out in Madrid, however, must be sampled. Even just for a short trip it is advisable to consider doing a small route through the bars of Malasaña, its terraces and its pubs in which you can dance the night away before returning to the hotel. In this sense it is a good idea to always look for a central hotel, to avoid long journeys and to be able to within a stones throw of the hustle and bustle. The Sol Room is one of those famous rooms in Madrid that is worth a visit. The music is varied and the atmosphere is always relaxed and very eclectic.

 Also if you go to Madrid you should miss a couple of experiences that are now very fashionable in the capital. One is a classic: go to the theatere the opera or to a musical. The other is to climb to the top of one of the spectacular rooftops that has panoramic views of the city and where you can dine, have a drink or even party after the sun goes down.

 As unmissable monuments, our proposal is that you go for a walk and discover them at your own pace. If your hotel is in the centre you will soon come across the symbolic Gran Via, with the Plaza de España at one end and the Puerta de Alcalá at another. The Puerta del Sol, the Plaza de Santa Ana, the Royal Palace and its gardens, Cibeles and Neptuno, Atocha and, of course, the streets of the different neighbourhoods: Chueca and Calle Fuencarral and Preciados for shopping, Malasaña to enjoy a drink and Latina to eat…

 To get around Madrid, the best way is on foot, by bike or with the subway. Taxis and new forms of transport such as Cabify or Car2Go also work well in the capital. As for accommodation, look for a hotel with a certain charm, take advantage of the fact that in Madrid the hotels are very good in terms of price-quality, for example those in the Vincci Hotels or Petit Palace Hotels chains, which stands out with its Petit Palace Plaza España and its Petit Palace Triball, both located in the centre.

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