Top Leaving gifts for men

Get them a gift to say thank you and wish him well with a fun gift that he will remember you by but also get to use along the way on his new ventures. Weather he likes music or cooking or travelling you will find the perfect leaving gift from these top ideas.

The Pocket Tin Speaker

Keep him upbeat with the portable speaker, small enough to fit in your pocket but loud enough to fill a room. Wherever he goes he will be able to play the memorable and favorite tunes using his phone to plug in and ramp it up. The cute rechargeable speaker comes in a smart silver tin, pop off the lid to reveal the black speaker for tunes anytime anywhere. USB cable included.

The Barbecue Stamp

A great personal gift for the man that likes to entertain with party’s and barbecues, enjoys a spot of cooking and likes to put his stamp on things. Presented in a lovely black and gold gift box, the triangle steel branding iron has 3 messages to stamp on that steak to show his guests that he has cooked it just as you like it, black & blue, nearly burn’t, or little bit of blood. Identify your steak and have fun with friends as you meet up and check how things are going with this stylish gift featuring hardwood handle and leather hanging strap

The Clear Edition Scratch Map

As he steps out onto the world of new experience, remember to enjoy more of the world for yourself  and create a unique stunning visual to enjoy on the wall to motivate more positive changes and adventures. The clear edition is from the original world scratch map but is printed on transparent material for a unique finish with the country’s of the world in shimmering silver. A detailed map of the world to plan and discover through travel, then scratch off the silver foil and the places disappear to show how much of the world you have traveled, and see instantly places still to go .Presented in a clear scroll tube with world images around it.