Launch the year 2017 in Fuerteventura

A place to get off to a good start this 2017? We have it clearly: Fuerteventura, the so-called Wind Island, windsurfers paradise and those who want to forget the stress and obligations on its infinite beaches of white sand on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. A destination where, in addition to its extraordinary natural and landscape richness, culture and traditions give it that touch of charm that makes it an essential destination to visit this New Year.

To launch the year 2017 in Fuerteventura opens up a range of unique possibilities to learn about this magical island from a perspective very different to the one that is offered in the summer months. Known as the Wind Island and famous worldwide for being one of the international reference points for sports such as windsurfing, kite surfing or classic surfing, in January, February and March it is an exceptional territory for those who want to give themselves a getaway full of adrenaline.

For these trips alone, with friends or as a couple, there are plenty of accommodation options, from hotels with Adults Only zones in Playa de Jandia – such as the IBEROSTAR Fuerteventura Palace – to specialized camps for surfing holidays, with classes and courses for all ages with times adapted to each guest’s day packages.

If traveling with the children, the best way to spend these first days of the year is to opt straight for a beach-type family resort hotel on the beachfront, along with quiet and perfectly connected areas by car with the rest of the island. This is the case of IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas and IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas Park, two almost twin hotels near the beach of El Matorral and the charming fishing village of Morro Jable.

In the north of Fuerteventura is where there are more options for surfers and adventure sports, but the island offers many other attractions in all its corners. For example, the gastronomy: its majorero cheese is a delight that you should not fail to try and discover by visiting its artisan dairies. In the vineyard areas there is the possibility of combining wine tastings and cheese from Fuerteventura, which are one of the great gourmet experiences that can be enjoyed in the Canary Islands. The interior villages are the cradle of the best traditional puchero recipes with typical restaurants and taverns that work with the calm of other times and that guarantee only local and seasonal products.

The culture is found in every corner: museums, art centers, galleries, and monuments at the foot of the street… Many located in houses with traditional architecture; old historical buildings or natural monuments are a way to venture in the purest essence of the island. And it’s that, Fuerteventura is an island that respects very much its roots, its traditions, its folklore and its routines. Work in the countryside is mixed here with the great ports of merchandise and the small marinas of fishermen where they are still receiving boxes and boxes of products every day that the Atlantic gives and that converts the menus of the restaurants is a luxury for gourmets.

Nature experiences and beaches are its two most popular attractions for daytime entertainment, but Fuerteventura also has a very festive side, with open spaces until dawn, improvised seaside parties, internationally renowned shows and performances, live music in the bars of its main tourist areas, theater… The agenda is very diverse and, although in winter the number of events lowers, yes it still maintains a rhythm strong enough to be able to schedule different activities every evening on any point of the island.

Places you should not miss:

  • Morro Jable, for its typical taverns
  • Cofete beach, for its natural charm
  • Costa Calma, for its lively atmosphere
  • Puerto del Rosario, being the great capital
  • Corralejo, for its exceptional dunes and beaches
  • Ajuy, for its natural environment