5 Amazingly Beautiful Things You Would See On the Wild Nature Of Indonesia’s Tour

For every tourist, getting a destination that will give you an exhilarating feeling at the end of your tour is key to a good vacationto Bali. Every person who has been to Bali, Indonesia, can attest to this. The beautiful scenery that is in Bali, the breathtaking landscapes, the undulating emerald green hills and the rice paddies give a tourist an amazing experience.

One of the most beautiful things that you would experience on a tour to Indonesia is the wild nature of Indonesia. Nature itself is a beauty, and Indonesia’s wild nature is a breathtaking beauty. A tour through Indonesia to discover the wild nature will take you places you never believed existed. Here are 5 things you would see on a wild nature of Indonesia’s tour.

  1. Komodo dragons

The world’s biggest lizard, the Komodo dragon, that can grow up to three meters long can be found at Loh Liang national park’s main camp. Get to see these fearsome dragons up close with the park’s knowledgeable guides safely.

  1. Bromo

One of Java’s most epic natural spectacle, Mt. Bromo, in a volcano-studded country gives off surreal beauty. This active volcano sits in the middle of a plain, along with other mountains. Recurring eruptions have made this mountain have a stunning landscape. This horizon filling crater is best seen when the sun is rising.

  1. Cassowary

A tour of Indonesia’s wild nature will give you the opportunity of seeing a cassowary. The huge brightly faced, egg-laying mammal, that proudly stands at 6ft tall, is a beauty that you should not miss, but one that should be seen from far. These beautiful birds are known to be quite dangerous.

  1. Orangutans

You have probably just seen these animals on photos and television and marveled at their beauty. With a tour of Indonesia’s wild, you are guaranteed to meet at least one. A visit to the Janjung Putting National park will guarantee you the chance to look into the eyes of an Orangutan.


  1. Lake Toba

The largest lake in the world, located on the island of Sumatra, surrounded by high mountains has a very beautiful view that you wouldn’t want to miss on a trip to Indonesia. The natural lake that is also the largest volcanic lake in the world allows you the opportunity to view the awesome mountain set as you relax and enjoy the fresh air.

For anyone planning a visit to Indonesia with the hope of catching all the amazing things in Indonesia’s, you should ensure that you have planned in advance and that everything is taken care of. You need to ensure that you have booked the hotels or the villas you will be sleeping in. To enjoy the wild, you will need to go to different places in Indonesia and sleep in different hotels.

This could be a hassle to some people as planning for an eventful trip is never that easy. However, The Seven Holiday, one of the best travel agencies in Indonesia, will give you a tailor-made package that will ensure you get to experience Indonesia from many different angles.

Plan your trip to Indonesia and get to experience the wild nature of Indonesia today.

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