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Marvelous Diving Vacations on a Liveaboard in the Maldives

It is not surprising why Maldives is top destination spot for diving. Popularly known as the scuba diver’s paradise, it is a beautiful country blessed with stunning white-sand beaches and an amazing underwater world. Maldives liveboards offer numerous diving options you can hardly ignore. It accommodates 26 Atolls and home to over 1100 individual islands. There are strict restrictions to tourism in Maldives. Tourists must remain either on registered islands or on a Maldives Liveboard.

There are more than 30 Liveaboards running their trips in the Maldives, so you can run short of Liveboards options in Maldives, click here.


What’s popular

The experience of Liveaboards in Maldives is second to none, but more adventurous is life underwater. It doesn’t matter your diving experience, the rich marine life of Maldives will enchant you. Most of the Liveaboards choose Central Atolls (North and South Male, Ari, Baa, Vaavu, etc), apparently because of the rich treasures and view beneath. These are the best places in the world to swim alongside whale sharks, manta rays and colorful reef fishes. When swimming alongside mantas and whale sharks, you must understand that these beautiful creatures are bigger than they look. That shouldn’t give you a headache because regardless of their exact size, they are harmless.

If you are interested in a thrilling shark experience, your best bet would be exploring the deep south of Maldives between January and March. This period is called the Shark Season. Swimming alongside a school of sharks is often considered the best moments of Liveaboards diving experience in the Maldives. Within the Maldivian marine environment, 26 different species of sharks have been discovered and the most popular being the oceanic whitetip, hammerhead and tiger. Read more about South Atolls in our article.

When to go

The best time of the year to visit the Central Atolls depends on what your expectations are, what you want to see. Water temperature around Central Atolls is almost uniform all year round, so going on a dive any time of the year is a welcome idea. The currents move east between June and November with amazing visibility on the western side. Between May and October, Maldives experience sunny weather with occasional refreshing rainfall. The weather gets drier between December through April, resulting to brighter blue skies. The current is usually strongest between December and March and guarantees a fantastic visibility under water.

Manta rays are driven by demands for food supply. It is a natural order of the animal kingdom. There is a significant increase in plankton levels between June and October. This becomes a major attraction for large manta rays and whale sharks. With an excellent guided underwater tour at this period, divers and tourists would definitely have an amazing vacation.

Recommended Liveaboards

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Top Gifts for Holidays 2017

Time is so precious to us. With busy schedules and commitments it is important to find ” My Time ” and look forward to holidays and breaks throughout the year. Top gifts for holidays in 2017 will help you organise and plan and make time to fill your needs, to have fun and create those all important happy memories.


Travel Pouches


For easy and neat packing the T shirt, shoes and first aid pouches will keep your belongings from being a pile of need to iron again jumble, for hands on and straight off to the beach to put your feet up. Essential space saving zip up happy flight pouches to get more in and bring more home. Roll up t shirts neat and pack shoes separately to avoid spillage and a first aid pouch for your medications to save them getting lost.


Happy Luggage Tags


Identify suitcases in an instant with neon bright colouredtags .Don’t worry, be happy your luggage is tagged with the durable, reusable and waterproof Alfie designer tags, so you can relax and look forward to your holiday. A great gift for anyone and everyone planning holidays in 2017. Comes in several designs and sizes, round, square, petite and plug tags in all the colours of the rainbow


Travelogue Journal


The smart journal that is also a diary and planner, all sectioned out to budget and book you 2017 holiday. Plan them must see places like museums and monuments and write about your travels. Quality card folder keeps the journal safe along with any travel documents so all is at hand when you need it. The travelogue also comes with 8 original mini scratch maps to record your travel routes and experience. A choice of colours in classic navy blue or maroon red makes for a top looking gift and useful holiday companion.

Top Leaving gifts for men

Get them a gift to say thank you and wish him well with a fun gift that he will remember you by but also get to use along the way on his new ventures. Weather he likes music or cooking or travelling you will find the perfect leaving gift from these top ideas.

The Pocket Tin Speaker

Keep him upbeat with the portable speaker, small enough to fit in your pocket but loud enough to fill a room. Wherever he goes he will be able to play the memorable and favorite tunes using his phone to plug in and ramp it up. The cute rechargeable speaker comes in a smart silver tin, pop off the lid to reveal the black speaker for tunes anytime anywhere. USB cable included.

The Barbecue Stamp

A great personal gift for the man that likes to entertain with party’s and barbecues, enjoys a spot of cooking and likes to put his stamp on things. Presented in a lovely black and gold gift box, the triangle steel branding iron has 3 messages to stamp on that steak to show his guests that he has cooked it just as you like it, black & blue, nearly burn’t, or little bit of blood. Identify your steak and have fun with friends as you meet up and check how things are going with this stylish gift featuring hardwood handle and leather hanging strap

The Clear Edition Scratch Map

As he steps out onto the world of new experience, remember to enjoy more of the world for yourself  and create a unique stunning visual to enjoy on the wall to motivate more positive changes and adventures. The clear edition is from the original world scratch map but is printed on transparent material for a unique finish with the country’s of the world in shimmering silver. A detailed map of the world to plan and discover through travel, then scratch off the silver foil and the places disappear to show how much of the world you have traveled, and see instantly places still to go .Presented in a clear scroll tube with world images around it.